Manufacturing Engineering - Robotics



Due to improvements in computers and the increasing use of robots, companies must now be able to access and apply these emerging technologies in the design and manufacture of products to remain competitive. The ability to prove that the basic design works, called rapid prototyping, and concurrent engineering, the process in which a design is evaluated and modified by a team, are two of the new methods that industry uses to reduce the time and cost of bringing new products to market.

Main dutiesRobotics engineers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Building, configuring, and testing robots
  • Designing software systems to control their robotic systems, such as those robots used for manufacturing
  • Designing automated robotic systems that are used to increase the production and precision levels within a specific industry
  • Analyzing and evaluating the prototypes and robotic systems they have created. This is generally a never-ending task, since technology is constantly changing and advancing
  • Reviewing and approving cost estimates and design calculations
  • Serving as technical support for the robotic systems they have created
  • Teaching plans paths to robots
  • Performing research into the design, operation and performance of robotic mechanism components or systems

Who do they work for?

  • Agricultural
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing

Sample titles

  • Computer programmer
  • Industrial designer
  • Tool and die maker

Essential Skills

  • Numeracy
  • Thinking: Problem solving
  • Document use

How to join the field

  • Mathematical and science skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering or other program (electrical, mechanical, etc.)
  • College diploma in Robotics and Automation Control
  • College Certificate in Robotics Technician
  • College diploma in electro-mechanical engineering technician (robotics)


Annual salaries between $60,000 to $120,000

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